For our team, understanding how to use ingredients from the great outdoors really is in their nature. Whether it’s foraging for food, hunting and preparing meat, or combining wild flavours to produce lip-smackingly fresh meals and drinks, we have the right folk to serve up an unforgettable experience.

Put a face to a name and explore their wild ways.

Chef, Forager, Butcher, Fisherman + YETI ambassador

Deer specialist + all round kit man

Man of fire, Forager, Grill master

Argentinian living in Spain, Asado, Baker, #NOGARLICNOMENU

An epic forager running wild food courses across the UK

Author of How to be an Explorer, paraglider + owner of a Lanner falcon Safire.

Food, Fire, Carpenter + Pirate stuff



Chef, Beard, Raver



DJBBQ, Whittle + Flame, Heavy Metal + Scrumpy

Foraging tuition, South Coast

B + Cleo Dog


B is the original truffle hunter + likes watching TV. Cleo is currently in truffle dog training

Runs an independent micro pub in Alton, The Ten Tup House.

Global ambassador for Bruichladdich Bevies, Foraging, Trackie tops + crisps

Mixes up fire + fusion street food. Owns a food truck, cooks over fire + loves seafood



Valuable HGC + DJ BBQ Crew member, the glue.

Nature lover, Foraging, Fire Cookery + Grill academy tutor @WeberUK



Scottish chef that likes spandex

Chef, Heads up black lock Covent garden



Fire, Meat, Cooking + Motorcycles



Creative + brand partners, fire food lovers.