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Our pioneering outdoor cooking experience gets to grips with four fundamental elements of nature – game, foraging, fire and cookery. We’re fuelled by what’s around us and believe things that grow together should end up on the plate together.

Hunter Gather Cook is the place to forage fine food, prepare and enjoy the freshest meat and savour a wild side of life.

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"I went back to basics to try and simplify life as I knew it. I wanted to see if it was possible to live as a 21st-century hunter-gatherer while really getting to know the wild ingredients I loved using in the kitchen."

Nick Weston,
Hunter Gather Cook
Founder & Head Chef

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Our team is full of wild folk who love being outdoors, sharing the fat of the land and rolling up their sleeves to delight in the rewards of the wild. Don’t be phased by Tbone’s beard and untamed locks though, you’re in safe hands with our professional staff who are ready to introduce you to an unforgettable outdoor food experience.

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